Billing and Payment

Sewer Billing Information

Wastewater flows through the District's public sanitary sewer lines to  Metro Water Recovery (formerly Metro Wastewater Reclamation District)  for treatment. Customers are billed sewage treatment fees annually by the District to defray the expenses of sewage treatment charges paid to Metro Water Recovery, operations and maintenance of the system and the repair and replacement of aging infrastructure. Sewer billing is determined by a 4-month total water usage between November and February based on Denver Water meter readings. Water usage is determined each year just prior to the start of the annual billing cycle. The annual billing cycle starts in April and billing is divided into quarters as a convenience to the customers.

There WILL NOT be a sewer rate increase on the BCWSD sewer billing for 2024 since sewer billing amounts are sufficient to cover the O&M expenses for the BCWSD sewage collection system and the sewage treatment charges paid to Metro Water Recovery.

  • The 2024 Annual Sanitary Sewer Rate is $16.60 per thousand gallons of water used.
  • The 2024 Residential Annual Minimum is $229.00 and billed at $57.25 per quarter.
  • The 2024 Commercial Annual Minimum is $397.00 and billed at $99.25 per quarter.

For sewer billing questions call 303-986-3442.  Payments over the phone are NOT available.

There will not be an increase in the water surcharge for 2024. BCWSD is a water distributor of Denver Water under a Read and Bill Service Agreement. The District will collect a surcharge of $7.00 per single-family residential equivalent (SFRE) on the Denver Water billing to contribute towards the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the water distribution lines owned by the District. This surcharge amount was increased from $6.00 per month per SFRE in 2022. This was the first increase to the water surcharge since 2018 due to the rising costs of the operations and maintenance of the water system.


The 2024 Water Surcharge is also based upon consideration of the following budgeted water O&M expenses:


  • $75,000 is budgeted for 2024 Operations and Maintenance for the water system and provides for inspection of all appurtenances to the public water system every two years.

  • An additional amount of $437,000 is budgeted for engineering and follow-up maintenance and repair work as indicated from the water system inspections.

    If you have a question or concern about your water bill, please contact the Denver Water Customer Care Team at 
    303-893-2444, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Information about Denver Water rates can be found on the Denver Water website at www.denverwater. org. If you have a question about the water surcharge, please contact the BCWSD office at 303-986-3442.


    $250,000 was budgeted  in 2023 for a Water Capital study to determine the condition of Ductile Iron (DI) water mains within the District to determine if future replacement is needed. The District has completed Phases 1 and 2 of the Hodgson/Wesley water line project, which included the installation of a new water main from S. Kipling Street along Morrison Road and North through Hodgson Park. Phase 2 included an extension of the Hodgson Park water line, replacing and upsizing a portion of the existing water line from an 8”’ to a 12” main. These studies and improvements benefit District customers by improving water quality and reliability within the water distribution system.


    BCWSD Engineers have been working on a risk analysis/wildfire preparation study of the District owned water distribution system’s interplay between zones in case the primary water feeds would become disabled due to an emergency. The District will use this information to develop an emergency plan, including emergency contacts and the consideration of assistance from or to neighboring water Districts, so that he District could assist West Metro Fire Department in case of a wildfire in the BCWSD area.

To Make Online Payments:

Secure online payments are available through PayPort which is a service provided by the Colorado Statewide Internet Poral Authority.

To make a payment through PayPort at Colorado.gov please use the following link:


Transaction fees are identified below:

Credit Card Transactions
Payment Amount + ((Payment Amount +$0.75) x 2.25%)

eCheck Transactions
Payment Amount + $1.00

Note: for eCheck Transactions, the $1.00 fee is reimbursed as a credit on your next bill.


Please send payments by check to our secure mailbox address:

P.O. Box 910926, Denver, CO 80291-0926

You may also make payments by check or cash at the District Office located at 2517 S. Flower St. Lakewood, CO 80227,
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

NOTE: Credit cards are only accepted through the online Payment Portal (PayPort).

There is a mail slot on the front porch of the District Office for dropping off checks (no cash) after hours and during holidays.

Water Billing Information

While the District owns and maintains the public water distribution system, water services are provided by Denver Water under a water service agreement which includes the reading of meters and billing based upon water consumption. For water billing information, contact Denver Water at (303) 893-2444. Denver Water also collects $6.00 per month per Single Family Residential Equivalent (SFRE) on behalf of the District which is used for the operations, maintenance, repair and replacement of the water distribution system located within the District boundaries.